Quick Licence Rights Summary

Buying Images for Commercial Use

If you wish to buy images to use commercially or use under different conditions, fill in the order form displayed when you click "Order Image".

Let us Know

Let us know of any suspicious use of RCAHMS materials.  You can provide information anonymously if you wish.


Copyright & Rights Further Details


If you are at all unsure about whether you may use a RCAHMS image - phone us on 0131 662 1456.  It takes a few moments to be sure.


Materials on RCAHMS are either copyright or they have other rights associated with them.  RCAHMS recognises those rights belong to those listed in the database under Image Rights Holder. 

We can allow you to use materials because we either own or have negotiated rights from and signed licences with the owners. RCAHMS is legally bound to pass those terms and conditions to you as a licence which is contractually binding on you. There are things you can do and things you cannot do based on those rights.

Summary Terms for Using Licensed Images

An individual licence is emailed to you with all the details included. For personal and private use, the images are licensed soley for your personal and private use.

You may not:

  • Distribute these resources to any unlicensed user in paper or electronic form - eg printouts, emails, web sites, CD or DVD ROMs or via electronic or paper presentations

  • Make any money from these resources, resell or sell any publication or product containing these resources.


You must attribute your use of images for paper or electronic use. The correct attribution form is listed in your licence.

Commercial Use / Additional Help

We can grant commercial use in most cases subject to a royalty payment. We also hold full quality print resources.


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